Redefining aging ... Attitude, Nutrition, Therapies, Exercise


Why ANTE-aging? ANTE refers to what I believe are the four keys to healthy, positive aging.

A = attitude
N = nutrition
T = therapies
E = exercise

I’d often hear people fretting about their upcoming birthdays, especially those milestone birthdays. I can honestly say, hand on heart, birthdays never phased me much.  I’m Italian and it was our family tradition to celebrate every birthday (any opportunity to gather together and eat delicious food!)    I looked forward to the celebrations (and pressies!!) but never gave a passing thought to the number itself. And so it went, as each decade passed … my teens, twenties, thirties and forties … no problem!

Then came fifty!

The lead up was exciting – a trip to Barcelona and then planning the big night out with friends to celebrate.   It was going to be memorable … after all, I was turning 50.   Wow … 50!   The day came and it was a great night out – dinner, drinks and dancing until early morning.   The next day, on the other hand, went more like this …

I was so completely taken off guard by my reaction! So I got thinking … why was this one so hard to accept.

I mean times have changed, haven’t they? Both men and women are aging better than ever before.   We’re lucky to be growing older in a time where 50 is seen as the new 40, 60 the new 50 … you get the picture.

Then it hit me one day as I was perusing the internet.   After hours of looking up articles on fitness, not one of the images or articles popping up showed anyone over the age of 20 or 30.  In fact the more I kept looking the more aware I became of just how youth-obsessed society is.  Advertisers and media are fixated on the youth market. From magazine covers to billboards, youth is glamorized as the image of beauty and the prime of life. We are inundated with the message that aging is something we should dread and perhaps even fight.  So was that it … are the best years over when you’re no longer in that younger-age category?

Being a curious person (and an over-thinker … lol), I did what comes naturally. I decided to go on a personal quest to study aging – is age just a number?  What we can expect as we age?  And what can we do to live a positive, healthy, fulfilling life right up to the day we die — because I certainly intend to do so!

That’s what led me to the idea of ANTE-aging. I want to know how attitude, nutrition, therapies (natural) and exercise can all be used to slow down and prevent the negative effects of aging.

I hope you’ll follow me on my journey to see what I can find out. I’m excited about sharing tips, knowledge and inspiration that can make us all embrace growing old in a new way!


— Sandi B