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Think being over 50 means starting to wind down for retirement?   Well think again.  When I started researching aging, nothing got me more excited than the numerous articles I found that focused on “Seniorpreneurs”.   In places like the USA, Canada and Australia, there is a growing buzz around seniorpreneurs as an increasing number of over 50’s are starting new business ventures.  Seniorpreneurs have been around the block so they bring with them the experience, knowledge and wisdom.   They are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing segments of new business owners.  The average age of seniorpreneur being 57 years of age.


I’ll be seeking out some of these seniorpreneurs to find out their stories – their ideas, how they got started and what their motivation was.   Even more important, I want their stories to inspire you to perhaps follow a dream you may have put on hold or have been too afraid to pursue.   Seniorpreneurs are proving that starting a new business isn’t just for the younger generation!

So go after that dream! … because you’re not getting older, you’re just getting started!


C. S Lewis quote
C. S. Lewis quote