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Skincare from India … NeoVeda modern Ayurvedic products

Skincare from India  … NeoVeda modern Ayurvedic products

I had never heard of NeoVeda until I spotted it at the Craft House store in New Delhi airport as I was waiting to catch my flight home. Craft House brand was established to showcase the premium arts, crafts and produce of India to the world.   There are 2 locations that I’m aware of – one in Delhi airport and the other is in one of the best 5-star hotels in Delhi, the Metropolitan Hotel (aka The Met) which is owned by the same group and houses the award winning NeoVeda Spa.

What caught my eye at first was NeoVeda’s beautiful packaging which really stood out in the Craft House display shelves. There are four categories of products:  face care, body care, hair care, and essential oils.   Essential oils are the key ingredients in all the NeoVeda products and they contain no artificial fragrances or paraben.  The products are designed to balance 3 Bio Energies known as Vata, Pitta & Kapha in Ayurveda. The products are very reasonably priced ranging from approximately €4-€12.

There were so many interesting products to choose from but I decided on three products for my daily skincare routine and three for my Sunday relaxation routine.


My daily routine – Day cream, night cream and eye cream

I have combination skin but predominantly oily areas and although these creams seem quite rich in texture, they all absorb really well and don’t leave my skin feeling at all greasy. I do find this time of year with the heating on in the house it can be quite drying for skin so these products are really doing the trick. My skin feels very soft and hydrated.  I’ve been using the products for a couple of months now and love them.


 NeoVeda Face care products

Ylang Ylang & Shea Butter Moisturizing Cream
This rich moisturising cream contains shea butter and ylang ylang (helps to remove depression & tension) along with age-controlling cellular extracts and Vitamin E. It’s great for dry skin.


Gotu Kola & Ashwagandha Eye Cream
I’ve used an eye cream religiously since my early 20’s and this has quickly become one of my favourites. It’s a very light weight cream enriched with natural Amla powder to lighten dark shadows and circles. This cream helps with puffiness and in reducing the appearance of fine lines.   It also contains ashwagandha and gotu kola extracts to refine, clarify and soften texture of skin.

Sandalwood & Saffron Skin Firming (Night Cream)
This product is designed to rejuvenate and plump up skin while reducing wrinkles. It’s a great night time moisturiser that hydrates as well.   It contains saffron which is said to be a very potent and revitalizer of the circulatory system. Sandalwood is considered the most versatile ayurvedic oil and suits all skin types.




My Sunday routine – a relaxing facial

Sunday is my relaxation day and I love to pamper myself before starting another work week.   My weekly facial now includes these three NeoVeda products.   After removing the mask, I spray my skin with rose water and once dry,  apply the Ylang Ylang & Shea Butter Moisturizing Cream.


NeoVeda Face care products


Bio White Cleansing Mousse
This product took some getting used to as you don’t rinse the product off but rather wipe any excess off with a cotton pad.   The mousse is enriched with green tea, sea weed and chamomile.  The product cleanses, moisturizes and has anti-inflammatory properties to give calming and soothing effect.


Turmeric & Gotu Kola Walnut Scrub
This is fairly coarse scrub so it does a great job of buffing away dead cells and my skin feels really soft afterwards. The product also helps to refine, clarify and soften the texture of skin. Turmeric is found in a number of Indian skin care creams.  It helps lighten blemishes and pigmentation.


Neem & Green Tea Firming Mask
This is a clay type mask that is a deep cleanser to moisturise and firm skin. It helps to improve the skin texture and brightens the complexion. Neem is another popular ingredient in skin care products in India and it has an antiseptic and cooling effect.   The green tea is an anti-oxidant, opens clogged pores and draws out impurities and blemishes.




If you’re interested in checking out these products or some of the other NeoVeda products, go to the Craft House website

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